Rossee Oil Co. is all about service for our customers. We have been in business since 1945 and know how to move oil. Whether through Bulk service, emergency fueling or custom deliveries, we strive to deliver dependable quality services from our company to yours.


Rossee Oil Co. offers bulk fuel in a number of forms. We provide quality lines of fuel through servicing loggers, construction sites, government organizations, corporate entities, contractors or individual purchasers. Bulk deliveries range from tankers (from 7,500 to 8,500 gallons) to short trucks (from 2,500 to 4,000 gallons). CALL 706-485-4771 for more information.


Our company offers a wide range in bulk oil deliveries. We deliver quality oils that include motor, hydraulic, passenger car, ATF, AW and synthetic oils and service everything from quick lubes, truck companies, wood mills and many more. In addition, we offer totes in 275 gallon and 330 sizes and can ship anywhere in the United States. CALL 706-485-4771 for more information.



Rossee Oil Co offers bulk Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) to the commercial, manufacturing, and trucking industries throughout Georgia. We also offer DEF in 2.5 gallon jugs, 55 gallon Drums, and 330 Gallon totes. Please contact your area representative for information on bulk DEF setup. CALL 706-485-4771 for more information.


Here at Rossee Oil Co. we offer an air filtration system for oil and fuel tanks of any size. Contaminants wreak havoc in fluid systems, ultimately causing machinery to fail and production to stop. Desiccant breathers prolong fluid and equipment life by keeping contaminants out of your oil, fuel and equipment. For information on this product please contact us. Click here to download the Lubricant and Air Filtration Patch Test. CALL 706-485-4771 for more information.


Our Smart Tank fuel tank monitoring system is accessible by computer from anywhere in the world. We offer this service as assurance that you will not run out of fuel. We are happy to set up your own custom login to monitor your fuel level at any time.  CALL 706-485-4771 for more information and pricing.


We offer totes in 275 and 330 gallon totes. Products that can be placed in totes are motor oil, hydraulic oil, food grade oils, fuel treatments, DEF and chemicals. These products are available for shipment to anywhere in the United States.  CALL 706-485-4771 for more information and pricing.


Rossee Oil Co. is proud to be an Extreme Diesel Distributor. We treat all of our diesel fuels in our Moultrie and Eatonton locations and offer treatment in Sandersville and Wrightsville. We are the only fuel company in the state of Georgia that has qualified to be an Extreme Diesel Supplier.

These guidelines are very strict and we meet these requirements daily. Along with being an Extreme Diesel Supplier, we also offer services such as fuel tank clean-up, which consists of cleaning up water contamination, fungus or bacteria. These issues can cause maintenance problems that can cost up to thousands of dollars in repair. Our company has the highest cetane rating and the highest lubricity rating in Georgia allowing you the benefit of enhancing your hours of operation or miles per gallon.

Learn more about the Extreme Diesel Distributor service by clicking here.

CALL 706-485-4771 for more information and pricing.


Rossee Oil Co. and its affiliates have two locations that provide a card lock service. Our customers can purchase gasoline and diesel 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through this program. These card lock systems are located at two of our locations: Eatonton and Moultrie.

Our Eatonton location can be found at 305 E. Sumter Street in Eatonton, Ga. Here we offer the low-sulfur diesel fuel, dyed-diesel fuel, as well as regular and premium E10 gasoline.

Our second location is at 924 4th avenue NE, Moultrie, Ga. Here we offer both the low-sulfur diesel and dyed-diesel fuels as well. Our gasolines available at the Moultrie location include ethanol free in both regular and premium.
Cloud Base Fluid Management Services

Rossee Oil Co. is an affiliate and dealer of Fluid Secure fuel and fluid management services. Fluid Secure is a fluid / fuel management system that works through a cloud base technology, which is designed to monitor fluid/fuel levels, accountability and usage through any smartphone, IOS device, or Android while keeping your information, secure and accurate.

For more information please contact your local representative below.

  • The benefits of Fluid Secure
    -Stops Theft & Loss
    – Simple to use
    -Smartphone App
    -Cloudbase Security
    -Works with any Fleet size
    -Low Monthly Cost
    -Quick & Simple Install
  • The Fluid/Fuel Fluid Secure works with:
  • Industries Fluid Secure Serves
    -Trucking Companies
    -Fuel Wholesalers
    -Mobil Fuel Tanks

CALL 706-485-4771 for more information and pricing.


Rossee Oil Co. offers tanker trucks, short trucks and mini-mobile fueling trailers available for fuel service during any disaster. Our tankers offer 9,200 gallons and short trucks range from 2,500-8,500 gallons. In addition, we provide mobile fuel sites from a 500-2,000 gallon cap. Through our trailers and trucks, we staff highly qualified Hazmat drivers, available for dispatch anywhere in the US within 18-24 hours.

With nearly 75 years of experience, our company knows how to move fuel and maintain customer satisfaction during the case of emergencies. In 2007, our company assisted in emergency fuel relief in Houston, Texas following Hurricane Gustav, as well as assisted AT&T with mobile fuel sites. In 2012, we provided fuel sites throughout New York and New Jersey for Homeland Security and the United States Military following Hurricane Sandy.

We are your trusted resource for emergency fuel management.

CALL 706-485-4771 for more information and pricing.

  • Hurricane Harvey 2017

  • Hurricane Irma 2017

  • Hurricane Maria Puerto Rico 2017

  • Hurricane Michael 2018

  • Hurricane Sandy 2012


We are your trusted resource for emergency fuel management. Contact Us for more information.