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Bulk Fuel & Gasoline

Rossee Oil offers bulk fuel in a number of forms. We provide quality lines of fuel through servicing loggers, construction sites, government organizations, corporate entities, contractors or individual purchasers. Bulk deliveries range from tankers (from 7,500 to 8,500 gallons) to short trucks (from 2,500-4,000 gallons).

Bulk Lubrication

Our company offers a wide range in bulk oil deliveries. We deliver quality oils that include motor, hydraulic, passenger car, ATF, AW and synthetic oils and service everything from quick lubes, truck companies, wood mills and many more. In addition, we offer totes in 275 gallon and 325 sizes and can ship anywhere in the United States.

Emergency Fuel

Rossee Oil Company offers tanker trucks, short trucks and mini-molbile fueling trailers available for fuel service during any disaster. Our tankers offer 9,200 gallons and short trucks range from 2,500-8,500 gallons…fuel sites from a 500-2,000 gal cap. We staff highly qualified Hazmat drivers, available for dispatch anywhere in the US within 18-24 hours.

Clean Fuel & Tank Division

With fuel being more unstable and dirtier than it was in the past, its pertinent that you keep your tanks and the fuel in them clean. Here at Rossee Oil Company, through our Clean Fuel and Tank Division, we are committed to keep your fuel and tanks free of contamination. In addition to keeping your tank and fuel at the recommend standards we also provide diesel fuel additives, through Power Service, that boosts cetane levels, stabilizes fuel, has anti-gel capabilities, adds lubricity and removes water.

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SINCE 1945

Rossee Oil Company is a family owned and operated business that has provided its customers with fast and dependable service since 1945. We have been in the petroleum business for almost 75 years, spanning 5 generations since our inception. With five locations in Eatonton, Sandersville,  Moultrie, Swainsboro and Wrightsville, our company strives to deliver quality service and products direct to you.

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