Fuel in 2019 does not meet the cleanliness level for modern engine manufacturers fuel systems. The World Wide Fuel Charter (WWFC) recommends an ISO cleanliness rating of 18/16/13. Fuel from the terminal being delivered today is between a 22/20/18 to 21/19/17 ISO level and at this level you can expect to see engine performance problems along with maintenance issues. The tier 4 engine injectors require fuel to be at a 12/09/06 ISO level due to the nozzle clearance of 2 micron.

Fuel has a shelf life of 3-6 months depending on conditions and moisture. Dust and heat all speed up the degradation of the quality of your fuel and tank. Water and dust wreak havoc on your fuel and tank. With these conditions, you will experience rust, which in time can create a leak in your tank and form a bacteria/fungal growth. When heat is added to the equation, it only accelerates those problems.

High quality fuel filtration and the need for a fuel quality management program is an absolute must. Not only does fuel not meet the recommended ISO requirements, the addition of biodiesel to fuel only increases the need for tank and fuel quality management. All fuel can have up to 5% biodiesel and with that it makes fuel 85% more water soluble.

Rossee Oil’s Clean Fuel Team recognizes this problem and is here with the solution. We offer Donaldson fuel filter systems, along with tank air breathers to keep your fuel clean and dry. We clean dirty tanks, filter fuel down to recommended ISO levels and have a variety of treatments to fight any kind of microbial growth. With critical infrastructures that can’t afford to be down, it is imperative to keep the fuel and tank in excellent conditions. With our tank cleaning and fuel filtration systems, we can keep you operational with less unnecessary maintenance issues due to poor fuel and quality.


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