We provide a complete line in products and defined brands that aid in the fueling of your vehicles. From package products to fuels to filters and hydraulic hoses, we will have you well equipped to run your vehicle.

Package products – We offer many differing lines. We have a complete line of Kendall, Phillips 66, Citgo/Mystik Petroleum products – gasoline, diesel, K-1 kerosene, solvents, lubricants, synthetics, industrial oils, and greases.

Brands – Kendall, Phillips 66, Mystik, Citgo, Clairon fluids, Lucas Oil, Bell Performance, MEK fluids, Rock Drill Oils, Baldwin Filters, Royal Brass and Hose.

Fuels – Regular Unleaded Gas, Premium Unleaded Gas, Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel, Ultra Low Sulfur Dyed (off road), Recreational 90oct Gas Ethanol Free 4) + a full line of VP Racing Fuels!

Hydraulic Hose – We are a Royal Brass and Hose dealer offering hydraulic hoses ranging from ¼ “ – 2 “ sizes. We have 2 wire, 4 wire, 6 wire, 8 wire, cloth braided and a number of different adapters.

Filters – We offer a wide range of Baldwin Filters including; industrial, farming and automotive.

Cloud-Based Fluid Management System – Rossee Oil Co. is an affiliate and dealer of Fluid Secure fuel and fluid management services. Fluid Secure is a fluid / fuel management system that works through a cloud base technology, which is designed to monitor fluid/fuel levels, accountability and usage through any smartphone, IOS device, or Android while keeping your information secure and accurate.

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